Some random thoughts while watching the Chevron World Challenge:

Is it me or is the name of this event just awful?

Love him or hate him, when Tiger is in contention, the drama meter is pegged.  From the announcers to the fans to the look on the faces of the players, it seems like everyone is a whole lot more amp’d up.

Can someone really jump up almost 30 spots in the world rankings by winning an event with 16 players?

Yes, it was really windy at times during the tournament, but, when you’re playing golf in SoCal in Decmeber on a magnificent looking course with a guarantee of finishing no worse than 16th (and winning $140,000), I just can’t buy it when the commentaters keep mentioning what a struggle it was for the players.  Nobody knows da’ struggles I seen…

I am way less concerned with potential problems with illegal immigrants than I am with the nimrods who insist on acting like idiots when they think they might be ‘on’ TV.  Maybe we could deport these numbskulls.

On that same note, why is it always men who have to act like doofusses when a TV camera pans their way?

Finally, I was waiting for Tiger in his post-round interview to say that this was ‘the best victory of his life’.  I’m guessing the Tiger Woods-Steve Williams cage match fight is still on hold.