If you remember my post from Friday afternoon, you know I teed it up later that day and really wanted to focus on my efforts, goals and general approach to the round. I honestly think I did a good job of thinking through my shots and where I could afford to miss and what holes I needed to score on.

So, here’s a quick assessment…

~ The goal was to break 90. It was not achieved. I shot 91. I went 48-43 and I left a lot of shots out there on the front. I’d love to play the course again because I think I could score better on it.

~ Big numbers — somehow I always get one a side. I quadrupled the Par 4 2nd hole and I tripled a Par 4 on the back side. Turn those just into bogeys and I’d have carded an 86, my best round in years.

~ I took pride in the fact that I didn’t let the quadruple on the front totally derail me. After it, I hit the green with my tee shot on a Par 3. But, then I three-whacked it.

~ I started the back side with back to back pars and added another on 17. For my game right now, three pars a side isn’t bad. The goal is to turn that number into 5 or 6 by the end of the year.

~ I was 195 yards from the green on the Par 4 7th and decided to hit a 4-iron which usually gets me 185 yards. I picked it clean and beautifully and still can’t believe we couldn’t find it when we got up to the green. I figured it was a birdie putt. My playing partner convinced me that it must have rolled off the back and out of bounds. I made a 6 on the hole. If anyone finds a Titleist 4 with a blue dot on that hole — I want my penalty stroke back.

Final Thoughts – The sub 90 round is coming soon. Golf is becoming so much fun again. Hitting greens, making pars, having putts that matter — it’s all exciting and rewarding. I’m eager to get out there again very soon.