Ever since Tiger fired Stevie and Stevie fired back at Tiger, caddies have been a bit more at the forefront of the golf discussion.

There are two very good reads out there if you’re interested in learning more about the life of caddies this weekend. Michael Collins has put together a piece for ESPN.com that talks about the different ways players and caddies can split. He references that getting “the call” is a lot like when a woman tells you she needs to talk. Collins has personal anecdotes that make the story stronger. He also has ideas for how and possibly who Tiger might hire next.

A read I enjoyed even more comes from Josh Sens on Golf.com who talks about the dying breed of migrant caddies – guys who travel from tourney to tourney looking for a gig.  Read it and you’ll learn about a guy who essentially lives out of his van with a mattress and a hot plate.  I loved this quote in the story…

“You don’t do this for the money,” says one caddie. “You do it because it’s in your DNA.”

Whether you’re a golfer, caddie or guy who happened on this link by chance… I recommend both stories.