I should have known golf would find a way to make me look like a hypocrite.

I posted early Saturday morning about how when the weather and season change in this region, my passion for golf finds a way to subdue itself. It was my way of saying, “I’m probably done playing for 2011.” I wrote it, posted it, and then things got weird…

An hour after finishing my blog post, a friend called and told me someone had backed out of a fun 4-person golf event for Sunday a.m. at Lockport CC and that he needed me. I kicked it around for a few minutes and after learning we’d be done just as the Bills game was set to start…I agreed.

I played with three great guys and had a more than enjoyable day. The wind howled, the rain was off and on. All things considered, it was a normal October round in Buffalo. And, our scores were quite normal as well.

However, on the fourth hole, I hit a solid drive and then a 4-iron that landed 15 yards short of the pin but off the green to the right. I was left with an awkward pitch shot off of a sidehill with really no green to work with. My only chance was to land it in the rough, hope it skipped the right way off the hill and ended up with in 10 feet.

I swung, watched the ball float, bounce and roll its way right into the cup. It was picture perfect. I screamed as the ball went in the hole. “Yes!!!!”

I’d call it my favorite shot of the season. It was almost like golf read my Saturday a.m. column and said, “Passion subdued? Ha, we’ll show him.”