He wouldn’t say it officially, but every comment Tiger Woods uttered during his presser before this week’s AT&T National event gave the impression he wouldn’t be in the field at the 2011 British Open.

“I’d go over there to win the golf tournament…so I need to get by body ready so I can practice and eventually play.”

“I’ve got to learn from what I did at the Players and do it right and not come back when I’m not ready to.”

Translated: That means, “I hope to see you guys at the PGA Championship in August.

It’s a bummer as Woods would have added some more spark to the British Open field. Golf fans are salivating for a Woods vs. Rory McIlroy Sunday showdown – but that looks at least another year away.

People simply just don’t go from not practicing and needing to get their body ready to contending in major championships in 20 days. There was a time when I’d say never doubt Tiger…but that time has passed.