Is there a golfer alive, this writer included, that does not enter  a state of self-lamentation after every round?  We all know the drill:  ‘I shot 79 with four three putts’; ‘I burned the edge of the cup at least a half-dozen times’; ‘One more foot and I carry the water on my tee shot on the 16th hole’.

It goes on and on and we are all, to some degree or other, guilty of this practise.

Now, this may seem like a fairly innocuous habit, but, it can, trust me on this one, become quite annoying if we happen to be on the receiving end of the ‘conversation’.  The stories are always the same, just the names change.  Oh, we may feign interest for a short time, but, eventually you will reach a state where your eyes glaze over and suicide seems like not such a bad idea.

So why do we persist in doing this?  I’m guessing if you were to ask a psychologist, they would probably say we all have a deep-seated, repressed need to get the approval of our mother or father or some other psycho mumbo-jumbo.  Me, I think none of us want to appear as failures amongst our peers so we need to explain our short-comings on a round-by-round basis.

While this activity may makes us feel better about our score, the up shoot is that no one really cares about your travails on the course because we all are way too concerned about our own moments of disappointment.  We are too busy planning our own pity parties to even respond to the invitation to yours.

So, my fellow golfers, just remember that the next time you try to explain away your inadequacies, just remember that the person you are talking to is lost somewhere in their own world of lipped-out putts and hard-pan lies.