The British Open leader board looks a lot like the result of a long game of Tetris.

Golfers of all shapes, swings and sizes have lined themselves up on top of each other in golf’s third major of the year. There’s no clear cut favorite and there’s no way of really knowing where this is going to lead. Some players will fall. Some will get stuck in the middle. And, one or two will rise to contend on the final holes.

It has the potential for chaos and excitement of great magnitude. It has the chance to be riveting. It could be everything that the U.S. Open failed to be this year.

I know many golf fans disagree, but when it comes to major championships, I want to see the world’s best beaten up and left piled up on one another. I want 30 guys to have a chance heading in to Sunday. I want to not know what is going to happen.

Rory McIlroy’s brilliance took any chance of such excitement away at Congressional. Now, at Par for the tournament, McIlroy could be part of an exciting charge. There are so many names in the mix – Glover, Clarke, Watson, Mickelson, Garcia, Fowler – how can you not be excited?

A month ago I watched leader board updates and knew I was in for a less-than-exciting Saturday and Sunday of U.S. Open golf. A month later, my how differently our weekend looks…