Golfers will never get much sympathy when it comes to athlete injuries. They’re never run over by linebackers, elbowed by Kevin Garnett or getting 99 mph fast balls thrown at their cabeza. Golfers often play into their 60s and 70s thanks to the emergence of new tours for senior players.

Still, injuries happen. There are scores of players who’ve had their careers wrecked by bad wrists, backs and knees. Chris DiMarco has battled his shoulders and wrists over the past years and it seemed like it might spell doom for his career.

As soon as the injuries occurred, DiMarco plummeted in the world rankings. Instead of playing in majors he was forced to comment from a TV booth. It’s probably not a bad gig, but for competitors who burn to be on the course, it can’t be all that pleasant either.

DiMarco may be on his way to a second chance if this 8-under 64 was any inclination yesterday. DiMarco made birdies and played with purpose throughout the round.  Better yet, he said things felt good.

“This is the first year in a while where I’ve been healthy,” he told reporters. “…you have to play through the injuries. So you tend to work yourself into some bad habits.”

If DiMarco can stay healthy, his return to the top of the sport will be welcomed. He’s a friendly face who fans pull for on a regular basis. He has a common-guy charm to him.

DiMarco will never get sympathy for the bad shoulder and the wrist from football players, but that doesn’t diminish the impact it’s played on his career. A broken leg is crushing, but sometimes a tweak in the wrist is even more annoying. How can you not just make it feel better?

DiMarco had to ask himself that question for a long time. More rounds like Friday’s will help ease the pain and keep it away.