I imagine when people who live in the south think of Buffalo Golfers during the winter they picture us hiding in our homes, staring out windows at snow-covered streets through frosty windows. They probably assume our golf clubs are hidden behind shovels and winter boots. They’re not entirely wrong, but all it takes is a trip to one of our local indoor golf domes to know they’re along way from seeing the whole picture.

I headed to the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome yesterday early afternoon to hit my first bucket of balls in 2012 – it was a great experience. If you’ve never been to the dome there are a lot of spaces for golfers to take swings. I thought the crowd was a perfect size – not too crowded to get a space but there were enough people for small talk and chatter.

It’s a unique group of people too. There are old and young, male and female, sticks and hacks. The common interests that pull us too hit golf balls together are golf and this sometimes wintry city.

Sure, winter can be a bummer for golfers. But, the idea that we’re trapped in homes and buried under snow is incorrect. Golf happens on beautiful fairways and in sand traps – but it also can happen in big domes in January.