Here are some random thoughts to chew on as we wait the coming of real snow in Buffalo:

Is Luke Donald really the best golfer in the world?  I know that he led both the US and the European money lists, but, I wonder who would come out on top if a panel of experts had to pick a fantasy golf team.

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) currently bases their world rankings on the previous year’s results unlike the PGA tour which uses a two year window.  With all of the mental and physical strain on players, the world-wide travel schedules, the depth of the field of players and the vagaries of golf itself, wouldn’t it make more sense for the PGA Tour to adopt a one-year ranking system?

No matter what Tiger Woods does in the next few years, he is surely on the down side of his career.  Is Tiger the last of the ‘great’ American golfers?  Will the PGA be dominated by the rest of the world just as the ATP is dominated by non-Americans?  Or is this merely a cycle that will shift back to American domination?

I’m not sure how his putting will hold up, but, I could easily see Alvaro Quiros winning a major in 2012.  How about the Masters?  I believe he could play the par 5’s with driver and short iron.

If you had Patrick Cantlay’s golfing ability would you return to collegiate golf or head to the PGA for some serious dineros?  Me, I’m looking for a full time caddy and a boat load of sponsors.

Well, I’ve got to go know.  I have to see if the snow blower still fires up.