As I was walking towards the 18th green at Terry Hills in Batavia this past Saturday, I thought to myself that golfing doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.  Under blue skies with just a hint of a breeze, this round felt a bit magical, a bit surreal and extremely satisfying.

Now, I have played better courses (no sleight to this lovely little track east of Buffalo) and I have certainly played in better weather conditions and I have had better rounds scoring-wise, but, there was something so compelling to be playing golf during the first week of February that made me want to do a small fist pump and let out a hearty ‘Yes’.  Not wanting to look like a total idiot, I keep my exuberance to myself, but, I’m telling you, I surely felt it.

Looking back on Saturday, I know I was feeling that wondrous feeling one gets when something so unexpected and so out of the ordinary happens in our lives.  It was like your boss walking into your office and handing you a check for $500.00 because he thought you had been doing a really good job of late or like a ten year old waking up on a warm summer morning to find a pile of toys under a tree in the living room and having their parents tell them that it is a second Christmas celebration this year.

This round got me to thinking and I am fairly certain that I have never played golf in February in Buffalo.  I know that I have played in every other month for sure.  So, much like Tiger a while back with his ‘Tiger Slam’, I am officially declaring the past twelve months my ‘Buffalo Calendar Slam.’