The end of summer has been busy for the BuffaloGolfer team — back to school, crazy work schedules, trying to squeeze a last round or two out. Here’s some quick hits to get our loyal readers through Friday.

~ You can keep voting and I imagine people will debate before, during and after the President’s Cup, but Fred Couples has told Tiger Woods he’ll be on the team. Couples calls Tiger the “best player in the world forever.” I’ve got no problem with Woods being on the team but to argue he’s the best player in the world forever is a stretch. Argue his dominance earlier this millenium was greater than anyone else’s dominance…fine. But not that he gets a free pass forever because of it. Tiger’s got to show some fight again.

~ Matt Kuchar or Sergio Garcia will win the FedEX system. Both have had real consistent years and deserve it. Two of the best guys walking on golf spikes that don’t have major championships on their resume yet.

~ I know Vijay Singh is getting older and the putter doesn’t work like it used to, but I still think of him as a threat any and every time he’s in the field. He’s contending so far this week at the Barclays.

~ I don’t think Adam Scott will ever win a major. He’s had a nice stretch here and Steve Williams got to make some comments. I just don’t ever see it for Scott.

~ Whether Rory’s arm hurts or not, he’s doing good. He confirmed he’s dating world #1 player Caroline Wozniacki. There are guys with worse lives than McIlroy.

~ Michelle Wie is contending up in Canada. Do you like Wie? Dislike her? Everyone I talk to has become completely impartial on her. That’s probably an indication of her current relevance in the sport.

~ Farrell Evans thinks Tiger should turn down the President’s Cup pick. I disagree times a million. Woods needs to play, needs to show some passion and love of the game and in his words “needs his reps.” Also, when you’re asked to represent your country, you don’t turn it down. If Couples asked me, I’d show up and shoulder the embarrassment of shooting 120+ but still take pride in the effort.

~ Need a good read — here’s one on Patrick Cantlay. Some guys can still make decisions for the right reasons.

We’ll talk more this weekend.