Champagne Tony Lema, The Golden Bear, Frank Urban Fuzzy Zeller, Boom Boom Freddy Couples, Gentle Ben Crenshaw, The Great White Shark, The Merry Mex and Angel ‘The Mechanic‘ Jimenez.

These are a few of the all-time great golf nicknames and they all have one thing in common; they are all (except for Jiminez) golfers who are either in the twilight of their careers or in semi-retirement of even no longer with us.

It seems like the current crop of golfers are severely lacking in nicknames.  Sure you have Tiger and Boo and Lefty and Bubba, but these are really names that were bestowed in childhood and have accompanied these men throughout their lives.

I have put together the following list of honest to goodness nicknames for some of today’s current crop of professional golfers:

Jay ‘Splash’ Haas

Ricky ‘Neon’ Fowler

Ian ‘Chicken Man’ Poulter

Alviro ‘Long Ball’ Quiros

Matt ‘Smiley’ Kuchar

Luke ‘Picasso’ Donald

Keegan ‘Spitball’ Bradley

Harrison ‘Down Goes’ Frazar

Webb ‘Homer’ Simpson

Rory ‘Kid Irish’ McIlroy

I’m sure there are a ton more out there, so, please drop us a comment or an addition to the list.