Of all the players in all the tournaments on all the tours this weekend, perhaps nobody needs your cheering and support more than Ken Green.

Green will tee it up in this weekend’s Senior PGA Championship at Valhalla. If you’ve heard of Green before it’s because of the tragedy that has been the last few years of his life. Green lost his girlfriend and brother when his RV blew a tire and went out of control down an embankment, ramming into an oak tree. Green survived but lost part of his right leg and now wears a prosthetic.

That’s enough horror and pain for any life but Green learned a year later that his 21-year-old son had died after digesting a lethal combination of alcohol and drugs.

Through all of it, Green has kept his dream of playing and succeeding at professional golf. He wants to prove that he can still play, despite the prosthetic leg, the pain he carries and the nightmares he must endure. He believes if he plays well he can inspire others who’ve lost limbs and/or battled depression.

“I can’t tell you how bad I want to play one good tournament and what I mean by that is if I were to finish in the top 20 in any Champions Tour Event,” he told reporters. “I could walk away and smile.”

Root for Ken Green this weekend, because the man simply deserves to flash a smile after all he’s been through.