Recently, I had the opportunity (thanks, Mo) to attend the Porter Cup Media Day at Niagara Falls CC.  First, let me say that this was a class act put on by a class organization.

After a nice buffet lunch on the patio overlooking the Niagara Escarpment (a truly spectacular view), we were given updates by the tournament chair and some of his committee chairmen.  It was quite interesting to see how the process of putting this tournament together works.  It was exhausting just listening to all that has to take place before even a single tee is put into the ground.

I found it particularly enlightening when they talked about the recruiting process.  Much like colleges, the Porter Cup tournament members recruit the best amateur players year round.  They use current world and college amateur standings as the starting point, but, players move up and down their wish list based on how they are playing at the present.

Unfortunately, some players begin to play so well they virtually play themselves off of the Porter Cup radar.  Both Patrick Cantlay and Peter Uhlein were scheduled for the Cup this year, but, both young men have down so well that they have moved on to semi-regular positions on the PGA tour and other prestigious amateur events.  Good on them!

Still, the field is ‘loaded’ with top flight players who will no doubt put on a great show.

After the lunch and news update, those who opted were given the privilege of playing a round of golf.  I had the pleasure of teeing it up with a local, very well known and respected TV sports anchor, the station manager at one of our local news stations and a Lewistion media specialist.  All three of my playing partners were very gracious and extremely pleasant fellows to play with.  This was a most enjoyable day of golf.

NFCC is what you might call an ‘old school’ track.  While it is not unusually long, you have to hit the ball straight to score.  If your tee shots are not in the fairway, they are probably in the trees and if your approach shots are not on the green you better come equipped with a good sand game.

Again I would like to thank the Porter Cup and NFCC people for making us all feel so very welcome.  I know I look forward to seeing the amateurs tee it up and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in top flight golf to make the trip out to Lewiston.

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