My bracket is busted. My pride is lessened. Most of the golfers I selected are going home. There’s probably no credible reason for me to offer my thoughts, but I imagine I feel like most golf fans…so here we go.

~ Martin Kaymer is the only guy left who can really win me any points. Go Martin. Go Martin. Go.

~ Half of the 16 guys left are under 30. There’s a lot of young talent in the golf world. Sadly, I turn 26 in a week and am not contributing to that talent pool.

~ If I could pick a new Final Four now, I’d go with Kaymer, Fowler, Ogilvy and Donald.

~ Jason Day is really good. He made his first start on the PGA Tour for 2011 last week and didn’t play great. But, that was an aberration.

~ Graeme McDowell appears unstoppable. But, I think Fowler is going to get some revenge on behalf of Mr. Mahan.

~ I heard that Phil Mickelson told Fowler that his daughter had shoes just like the ones that Fowler wore today….and that she wore them to dance class. Maybe that’s why Fowler crushed his friend today.

~ Guys that I’d be happy to see win: Bubba, Fowler, Watney, Mahan, Day, Kuchar, Crane.

~ Guys that wouldn’t affect me either way: Holmes, Ogilvy, Jimenez, Donald, Manassero.

~ Guys I don’t want to win: McDowell, Yang, Moore.

~ Guy my bracket needs to win – Kaymer.