If there’s a good thing about the cold weather and snow in Buffalo, it’s that it gives us an official off-season in our golfing lives. Off-seasons are important. Some times we need to step away from our pursuits in life to reanalyze what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. It gives us time to look at new ways to improve.

This off-season, I’ve decided it’s time to get stronger and more flexible.

I’ve always been a bit addicted to sweating. For years I’ve been a disciplined and dedicated runner. Lace up the shoes and go – miles after miles. Over and over, repeat.

Here’s the thing – running will keep you lean but it won’t get you strong. If you want forearms and arms that can snap clubs through thick rough – you’ve got to get in the gym. You’ve got to add some weight to your workout.

I’ve started doing Cross-fit style workouts that I’m mixing in with my running. Cross-fit preaches using different muscles every day and working them to exhaustion in as short a time as possible. Get ready for squats, hand stand pushups, rope climbs, etc.

Clearly, I don’t have all the equipment in my basement but I’ve been modifying workouts I read about on the various Cross-fit websites.

My game needs help in so many areas – but it can’t help to build stronger arms, shoulders and core muscles. That’s one of my golf resolutions for 2012…be stronger.