Random post Masters thoughts:

While watching Charl Schwartzel’s crazy run to the green jacket, I couldn’t help but wonder if his parents misspelled Carl or Charles when filling out his birth certificate.

If Schwartzel had finished at -10 would the playoff format been a shotgun start due to all those tied at -10?

Is there any less charismatic golfer than Angel Cabrera?  For some reason, I cannot help but root against him.

While I think  there will definitely be a major (or two or three) in McIlroy’s future, I believe on Sunday that he learned it is much better to be the hunter than the hunted.

At one point in his career, Tiger went years without missing a short put.  Over the past four rounds, I’m not sure if he went nine holes without missing a slam-dunk putt.

Sergio Garcia has become this generation’s most tragic golf figure.  From the brash, talented youngster who had super-stardom written all over him, he has been reduced to literally trying a new putting grip for every tournament.  I think this week it was the reverse claw, left hand pronated grip.

The 18th hole at Augusta may be one of the worst finishing holes in any major.  It totally lacks any dramatic countenance.  Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember a single Masters that had the outcome swing on the 18th hole.  While it is certainly not a birdie-fest hole, it is almost a gimme’ par regardless of the tee shot or the approach shot.  Just to name two holes, think about the 18th at Pebble Beach or Doral.  Now that’s drama, baby.

I love the shots of the contender’s wives at the 18th hole.  I’m wondering if the would have needed a wide-angle lens for all of Tiger’s ‘friends’ if he had won?

Can someone put an expiration date on past winner’s playing in the field?  It is sad to see these old geezers huffing and puffing their way to 18 or so over par.

If Tiger didn’t three putt 12 and had made the eagle on 15 he would have been at -12.  I’m wondering how long Schwartzel putt on 18 would have seemed under those circumstances.

Is Schwartzel this year’s Oosthuizen?