The 2011 season is still a bit from over, but the major championships have passed and many of the dominant stories have been written. Somtimes, for fun, I like to look back and wonder how things could have been different if just for one swing or one made putt. Here’s a few questions to ponder:

What if Rory McIlroy had held on at the 2011 Masters. Would he still have won the U.S. Open so dominantly or would he have been ready for a let down?

I don’t wonder so much about what if Tiger Woods would have been healthy all season, I wonder what would have happened at Augusta had Tiger been feeling it with the putter?

Is there a better story anywhere in sports than Darren Clarke finally getting his major championship?

What if Dustin Johnson had closed one of the last three majors he contended big time in? Would he be a multiple winner? He says it’s not, but it must weigh on him.

Could you imagine a more thrilling Porter Cup than what we watched this year? Thank you Patrick Rodgers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Do you think people have been diving in the water hazard in front of the 18th green at Atlanta Athletic Club in search of all those golf balls the pros littered it with during the PGA Championship? I should check ebay.

What would happen if we all stopped worrying about Tiger and the state of the game and just enjoyed the phenomenal golf the young guns are playing these days?

What if The Mouth That Roars had never undertaken Operation Don’t Suck? He might still be shooting triple digit radio stations on the regular.

It would be nice to see Mike Weir playing well again next year. I wonder if that will happen?

More likely to win a major in 2012: Rory, Dustin Johnson or Graeme McDowell? Debate.