OK, the world now has a new #1 golfer…Martin Kaymer.  Martin is no doubt very talented and he seems to be a real rising star, but, does he have the ability to go the distance? Just ask Lee Westwood who flamed out almost as fast as he ascended to the top.

Watching the WGC-Accenture this week made me realize just how incredible Tiger’s run at the top (281 consecutive weeks and 623 total) really was.  I highly doubt either of those records will ever be broken.

Each and every week on the PGA tour someone gets hot and claims victory.  Some even ride the hot streak for a number of weeks or months or even a season, but, to do what Tiger did week in, week out for years just blows my mind.  To have that kind of intestinal fortitude for such a long period of time is truly awe inspiring.

Yes, Tiger is in the dumper and he may never completely return to the level he once was, but, as I watched the sometimes brilliant, sometimes bumbling play of those who kept moving on in the WGC, it just brought home even more so what Tiger has been able to achieve in his career.

So, no matter where Tiger goes from here, he has to be in the running for best golfer of all time.  Yes, Nicklaus has more majors, but, what Tiger achieved on top of the world standings at minimum should get him at least a 1A rating to Nicklaus’ 1.  Of course, there is no real means to establish who is the best, but, like all opinions it is fun to join the fray.