In 1922, Springville’s famous son and a gent from East Aurora pooled their talents to design a nine-hole golf club. Glenn “Pop” Warner and R. Persons laid out the nine original holes of what is today a western New York golf treasure. Warner grew up in a farmhouse in Springville, earned a law degree from Cornell University, but made his name in the coaching of american football. To this day, many youth leagues are known as “Pop” Warner leagues, celebrating the contributions of this native, western New Yorker.

In 2022, the Springville Country Club is much changed in its physical layout. The original nine greens were oiled sand, and have since been replaced by grass surfaces. The course was reenvisioned in the 1960s, when nine holes were added to the original layout. Land purchases and equipment technology played a part in a final reorganization of the course in the late 1980s.

As the club begins its centenary, historian John Nason has organized a volume of writings on the lifespan of the club. Some events are monumental, while others seem much more pithy, but they add up to the entirety of a golf club that has served members across southern Erie county for 100 years. Below is a list of links to Mr. Nason’s history, followed by a gallery of images shot by our own “Mo” Golf.

Springville CC History_Part1

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